Today I installed FBSD 5.2 on my main notebook because I want to make
the switch from 4.7. I have a 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN PC Card Model

  ep0: <3Com Megahertz 574B> at port 0x100-0x11f irq 11 function 0
       config 1 on pccard0
  Unknown ID: 0x201
  ep0: Ethernet address 00:50:da:d3:6b:22

The default kernel is being used, no changes made.

This card was working flawlessly all the time with FBSD 4.5/4.7, did
autonegotiation perfectly, no problem at all, not even plugging the
cable out on my 100 Mb switch and plugging it in on a 10 Mb hub or vice

With 5.2, however, the card works fine right right after ifconfig ep0
up, but:

- it stops working if there has not been any traffic through the card
  for a while (have not yet been able to determine the exact time)
- if there is traffic through the card all the time (eg pinging another
  host continuously) it does not stop working
- broadcasts, arp requests and other packets going to all nodes on the
  network seem to do the trick as well as a constant ping
- the autonegotiating switch, to which it is connected, still shows the
  card is there and in 100 MB full duplex mode
- ifconfig ep0 down followed by ifconfig ep0 up brings the card back to
  life again
- if connecting the card to a 10 MB hub, there are no problems, it
  continues to work properly, even if there is no traffic through it for
  some time

Unfortunately the ep driver does not support setting the media,
otherwise it might be possible to work around the problem.

At the moment I'm at a loss, not knowing how to get this to work.
Writing a startup script which does not return and pings another host on
the network all the time is not quite the solution I'd be happy to

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