On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Chris Knipe wrote:

> I have a service set up, some.host IN A A.A.A.x (i.e. in network A and
> gateway A).  Now, the moment some one from network B connects to the
> service I've setup on network A, the FreeBSD Box will route the reply
> packets out on network B (because of the client's address) and hence, it
> follows a invalid networ path and the connection fails.  The same will
> also happen when someone from Network A tries to connect to a IP on
> Network B.... ex:

don't understand this, it should work. what you're describing seems to be
a dual homed freebsd set up as a simple gateway between two networks.

> If I can manage to solve this, then I'll be a *VERY* happy chappy.  But

try applying the multipath patches to freebsd. that should give you the
ability to route a same network to two different gateways.

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