The Star Internet anti-virus service, powered by MessageLabs, 
discovered a possible virus or unauthorised code (such as a joke 
program or trojan) in an email sent by you.

This email has now been quarantined and was not delivered. 

Please read this whole email carefully. It explains what has happened 
to your email, which suspected virus has been caught, and what to do if 
you need help.

To help identify the email:

The message sender was 

The message was titled 'Hi'
The message date was Mon, 19 Jan 2004 12:49:08 +0900
The message recipients were 

The virus or unauthorised code identified in the email is: 
        Found the W32/[EMAIL PROTECTED] virus !!!

Some viruses forge the sender address.

The message was diverted into the virus holding pen on
mail server (id 178861_1074484157) and will be held 
for 30 days before being 

For more information please visit

If you sent the email from a corporate network, please contact your IT 
Helpdesk or Support Department for assistance. They will be able to 
help you disinfect your workstation.

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help from

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