On Sunday 18 January 2004 10:36, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> ipfw add fwd netconnexion1_gw ip from DMZ/netmask to any
> ipfw add fwd netconnexion2_gw ip from LAN/netmask to any

Allright people.
So I'm still trying to make my setup working (using IPFILTER).
Thanks for the help you gave, I finally ended up to the next configuration:

tun0: --> 111.222.333.444 netmask 0xffffffff
tun1: --> 555.666.777.888 netmask 0xffffffff

# /etc/ipf.rules
pass out quick on tun0 to tun1:555.666.777.888 from to any
pass out quick on tun1 to tun0:111.222.333.444 from to any
pass in quick all keep state
pass out quick all keep state

# /etc/ipnat.rules
map tun1 ->
map tun0 ->

Now, it does NOT work... --> Internet works with no problem (tun0 being the default route 
on the FreeBSD gateway) --> Internet doesn't work :(

What did I miss ?
From what I see, I can't find any mistakes... although there must be one.


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