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Hugh Krogh-Freeman wrote:
Hello everyone. I just installed Free BSD 5.1 on my computer. I know C++ and
> C, but I am not able to get C++ to compile yet because it doesn't recognize
> cout and endl (I wrote a simple "hello world" program). I assume it's because
> I am not including the right library.

That's the only reason I can think of.  C++ programs have compiled just fine
any time I've tried them.  Without the snippit of code, however, it's hard
to say for sure.

Do I need to login as a "root" everytime
> I want to shutdown?

If you use KDE or Gnome as a window manager, they provide "shutdown" buttons.
Also, by default, CTL+ALT+DELETE is mapped to a controlled (safe) shutdown
(meaning it properly halts the OS before rebooting)  If neither of those
methods are acceptable, you will have to be root, or someone with sudo
rights to shutdown (if you've installed sudo).

Also, I have windows and bsd on the same machine. Can
> anyone tell me a way of reinstalling just one of them in case I need to,
> rather than both of them? Thanks a million

Just reinstall the one you want.  If it's Windows, you'll need to reinstall
the FreeBSD boot manager after you've reinstalled Windows (because Windows
rebuilds your boot loader to its liking, without asking you).  Just make
sure you use the correct partitions, etc.  I would definately back up
everything before reinstalling either OS.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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