Nick Rogness wrote:

I cvsup'd just a few minutes ago and tried a make buildworld. Any hints as to why I'm failing out? Details below:

/usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils/objdump/../../../../contrib/binutils/binutils/objdump.c:1553: unterminated character constant
mkdep: compile failed

Yes ;-)

There is an unterminated
character constant in line 1553 of "objdump.c" in the
directory given by the error message.

Suppose there's a semicolon missing there?

However, as Kent Stewart has noticed, it's a real good
idea to make sure you're building the correct src tree
first.  AFAIK, 5.x is using different build tools.

Take a look at the [EMAIL PROTECTED], as you're running 4.x,
and see if anyone else is having this trouble.  AAMOF,
it'd probably be good to post this there.


Kevin Kinsey

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