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> Thanks, but I'm still missing a piece for my ideal scenario.  This
> requires the DCP server to know to whom it is handing out the
> address, doesn't it? How would it know that?  Does the DHCP request
> include the host name? Or do you have to somehow bind a NIC/MAC
> address to a name for isc-dhcp?

The DHCP request usually contains a "client identifier", which you can
configure dhcpd to use as the host name.  You can also use the MAC
address to identify machines (and associate a name) if you want.

> Clearly, the BIND configuration is already set up to accept updates,
> since the Windows system is successful in doing so.

I think that client update can be enabled with a dhclient.conf
parameter, described in the manual for dhclient.conf(5) under "DYNAMIC
DNS", but I prefer to do it from my DHCP server instead...

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