Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:

On 5.2, I install, startx, go in to the user manager and set my admin
user created during installation to the wheel group, exit and save
changes. Now I can't login as root after logging out. I think this
happens no matter what changes you do in the user manager, once saved,
root is gone. Does not show up in user list to start with. This is a
brand new install, thank you, so I did it again just to be sure that was
all I did. Is this well known?

there is a bug in Kuser, it resets the "expired flag" for all users. To log in without root password you should :

While the system is booting and you see something like this:

Hit [ENTER} to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt. Booting [kernel] in 8 seconds.....

Hit any key except the enter key!
You should get a prompt. At the prompt, type:

>unload all
>load kernel
>boot -s

Let the boot process continue until it asks you for a shell. Then just hit Enter for 'sh'. At this time, only your root partition is mounted. You will need to mount your /usr partition so you can use the 'passwd' command. For example:

mount /dev/ad0s1c /usr

To make your root partition read-write, you will need to execute this command:

mount -u /

The root partition should now be mounted read-write. Now you can use 'passwd' command to change the root password.

Edit /etc/master.passwd (using ee for example) and reset all the "expiration flags" to 0 (they should show -1)
# passwd root
# pwd_mkdb /etc/master.passwd

Then if I remember you can just type boot.

PS: I've collected the above information from forums and mailing lists. Sorry for the lack of copyright notice.
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