> On Monday, 19 January 2004 at  8:25:28 -0600, Eric F Crist wrote:
> Content-Description: signed data
>> What do people here use to edit HTML documents?  I usually use
>> Dreamweaver, but I haven't gotten the time to try to get wine working
>> so I can run Dreamweaver on FreeBSD.
> Is Dreamweaver output standards compliant?  Most HTML generated by HTML
> editors looks terrible and creates multiple warnings and possibly error
> messages from validators such as http://validator.w3.org/ or HTML tidy
> (/usr/ports/www/tidy).
> I use Emacs with a number of macros to create the more complex
> structures.  It includes a pass through HTML tidy to reformat and
> correct any errors.

I think Macromedia have soughted that all out by now in MX. Frankly i
havent found an editor for Unix that is as good as either
Quanta or Zend Studio or even Eclipse. Emacs and vi is bollox.

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