> At 2004-01-19T22:59:05Z, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I think Macromedia have soughted that all out by now in MX. Frankly i
>> havent found an editor for Unix that is as good as either Quanta or
>> Zend Studio or even Eclipse.
> The website at your email domain doesn't validate as any level of HTML.
> What did you use to write it?
> --

LOl, 2 years out of date, homesite 4.5 on windoze i think. It does have a
validator actually, but why be so pedantic for a personal website
especially when most of your energy and time is used in a paid job doing
the same thing ? I'm actually changing the whole thing very soon.

Sadly as i just moved my development to a Knoppix box running KDE, i had
issues getting quanta to install on the present KDE version, so i've had to
use a kedit for my current contract jobs, not as quick, i seriouslly cant
understand how people can develop via a terminal especially for speed and
efficiency when edit, moving , selecting etc. .

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