Al Johnson wrote:
I'm learning about the FreeBSD documentation, and have read the
primer at:
and have a question.
states: "The Documentation Project is trying to use SGML as the
standard method of representing the documentation."

DocBook has been defined using both SGML and XML
(a subset of SGML).

My question is: Why does the FreeBSD Documentation Project
prefer SGML to XML?

it's possible I'm reading things wrong, but it appears as those XML is a subset of SGML. While I am by no means an active docbook person, my guess would be the fact that in XML, a tree is required, (i.e., everything is a nest of a nest of a nest). I see very few instances where this would be all that appropriate for this sort of structure, particularly in a manual type format. While the term "outline" certinally works, ITEM1 - PREAMBLE is not the same significance as ITEM2 - CONFIGURATION, etc. XML forces a very rigid structure, where it looks like SGML is a bit more freeform.

just my $0.02


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