This may be offtopic, but my FreeBSD laptop is the only one
I can test this on, so apologies if it is OT.

I use Mozilla on my 4.8 laptop. Whenever I switch IP addresses,
which is frequent, as I use my computer both in the office and
at home (and on trips, etc.), Mozilla becomes unable to 
resolve any sites it hasn't previously hit. I just get an
endless, "Resolving host" note in the corner.

The only way around this is to quit and restart the browser.
Frankly, this is a pain in the ass, as I usually have six
or more tabs open at once, each containing something I need,
and I don't want to re-open everything every time I move the

Is there any way around this? I didn't see anything obvious
in the Mozilla docs. 


Jesse Sheidlower
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