I just installed freebsd on the second disk drive of a dell precision 650 computer with win2k installed on the first disk drive, NTFS partition (slice). Both disk drives have multiple partitions, but I created free space on the second for the freebsd 4.9-386 install.

During the install, I created one freebsd slice in unpartitioned free space, and left other partitions (slices) undisturbed. I did not choose to install the boot loader in the first disk mbr, preferring to continue to use grub (I already had a win2k/linux multiboot setup).

After the install was complete, all seemed well until I tried to boot back into win2k. It appears that the file system was somehow damaged, because I kept getting a BSOD during the boot. The only way I could find to fix it was to restore the NTFS c:\ partition from backup.

So - can a FreeBSD install in free space on the second drive somehow damage an NTFS partition on the first drive? Has this happened to anyone else?


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