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> Are you using PSGML's xml-mode?  I find it's not indenting my XHTML
> documents too well (for example, it seems to assume something like 'div'
> is an inline rather than a block level element, and then won't indent the
> closing tag properly if I move it onto a new line), though I haven't tried
> to debug it too extensively.

Nope.  I use html-helper-mode which has the nice ability to "narrow" in to
sections of non-HTML code (i.e. Javascript, PHP, etc.) and syntax-highlight
as appropriate within those subsections.  I don't really use PHP anymore
(yay Zope!) and all of my Javascript is now in stand-alone files that get
included (XHTML prefers you not embed JS into the document), but I still use
it from force of habit.
Kirk Strauser

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