On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 13:27, fbsd_user wrote:
> Have FBSD gateway connected to internet with private Lan behind it.
> Manually configured an MS/Windows on Lan.
> Now trying to add FBSD PC to Lan.
> Put ifconfig statement in rc.conf to assign PC it's Lan IP address.
> Loaded resolv.conf  with IP address of ISP's DNS server.
> Can ping gateway and Lan Windows box.
> Gateway and Lan windows box has public access.
> FBSD Lan PC can not ping Public Internet ip address or resolve
> domain names.
> Ping to public internet ip address get msg   sendto  no route to
> host
> is the Lan subnet. Gateway is Windows box is
> The ifconfig display on both the gateway and FBSD lan box show the
> correct
> assigned IP address and broadcast ip address of just like
> what I expected.
> What other config files need to be configured on the FBSD Lan PC to
> get it
> to communicate through the gateway to the public internet?
> This is what I has so far on the FBSD Lan PC
> rc.conf
> clear_tmp_enable="YES"
> moused_enable="YES"
> moused_port="/dev/psm0"
> moused_type="auto"
> moused_flags="-m 2=3"
> allscreens_flags="-m on -c blink -h 200"
> saver="warp"
> hostname="gateway.fbsdjones.com"
> ifconfig_dc0="inet netmask"
> resolv.conf
> nameserver
> The gateway's rc.conf has
> ifconfig_dc0="inet  netmask"

Looks like your missing:


in your rc.conf

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