Management requested that I set up a vpn tunnel for themselves and developers to do 
some work from home on their Win2k machines. So, I set up a bsd vpn server using mpd 
which worked fine from my Win2k machine at home - on a public IP. However, as it turns 
out, they all have home networks running NAT using your typical compusa home routers, 
and so my vpn tunnel has been deemed unacceptable.

Anyone have any thoughts or options I could present? A hardware router that they could 
use at home that might work with a bsd vpn server on the other end? Unfortunately, 
installing bsd gateways in their homes just isn't an option. Nor is just telling them 
to plug directly into their cable modem, at least not without much tact.

Networking isn't my strong suit, so thanks in advance for your time and patience.



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