I've already sent this to freebsd-current with no reply, so I thought I might 
send it here to see if I do anybetter.
        According to a post by someone from dach0ben, the final release of 
bsd-airtools v3.0 is to be able to work with the atheros based wireless 
cards, namelly dstumbler and wep cracking. That post was from July 2003, on 
there dach0ben website the latest release of bsd-airtools is v2.0 which 
doesnt work with the atheros based cards. Trying to access the cvs repository 
to obtain the absolute latest fails.
        Basically, my question is: Has anyone used dstumbler with and atheros based 
card? If so , what version and from where. If not ,is there anything else 
that will do the job that dstumbler did.



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