> Can I format an rw cd with
> disklabel -w -r /dev/acd0c cd9660
> newfs /dev/acd0c
> and then use it just like an hard drive?
> Cp /etc/rc.conf /cdrom
> Or is burncd the only way to write to it?

I don't know for sure, but I doubt this would work very well.
Two reasons:

1) You would probably have to somehow format the medium before using it.
   As far as I know, the only mechanism used with CD-RW for random-access
   defect management is something called "Mount Ranier".  I don't really
   know much about it, but some modern CD writers are advertised as
   supporting Mount Ranier.  This implies that most CD writers don't.
   I would also expect that it requires special device driver support.

2) The CD-RW medium can only be rewritten a limited number of times,
   something on the order of a thousand times or perhaps much less.
   There are probably some well trampled blocks in a UFS file system
   that would wear out very quickly.

Dan Strick
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