On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 01:55:38AM -0800, Loren M. Lang wrote:
> When I install a new port, does it upgrade any already installed ports
> if the new port depends on them.  And to upgrade any security fixes,
> just running cvsup on the ports tree, then running portupgrade?

Installing a new port doesn't upgrade any installed port. You have to
use portupgrade to do this.

> Also, is there any way to automate this, I have a freebsd mail server
> setup for a company that I may not get to visit very often.  Then again,
> it may not be the wisest to upgrade software with no one to monitor it.

Portupgrade works fine most of the time; but when it doesn't upgrade
ports properly (the rare instance) manual intervention is required -
trouble is one needs to monitor for these...

> Is there any way to select just major security and avoid upgrading ports
> that just add features?

Well, you need to look at the commits on the ports if you want to do
this. Thankfully http://www.freshports.org/ exists.

> And does the freebsd kernel also get upgraded.  Would I have to
> reinstall it or would the port do it automatically?

The kernel doesn't get upgraded automatically. You have to cvsup to
the latest sources and build the userland and kernel (NOTE: You have
to do *both* of these, otherwise you will have Real Problems). Check
out the Handbook for more details.

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