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> Thanks Kirk, for your reply!

You bet.

> Would this consist of:
> 1.  First doing a portupgrade?  (OS is FreeBSD 4.4, ports are pretty much
> that old.)

I'd recommend it, if only to get the most recent security patches for your

>     # portupgrade gnupg -arR

The '-a' will upgrade everything on your system.  Is that what you want?
Another option may be:

    # portupgrade -N security/gnupg

which will upgrade all dependencies, then install gnupg.

> (Would I need to be logged in as root, or would a super user be fine?)

I'm pretty sure you'll need to be root (or using sudo to execute the
commands as root).

> 6.  Would I need to reboot to have full functionality?

Not likely at all.  I'd be very surprised if any of this required a reboot.

>>2) Generate a keypair for the email recipient.

>     Like this?
>     # gpg --gen-key


>>3) Craft your script to use the "gpg" program to encrypt the outbound email
>>   with the public key generated in step #2.
>>4) mail()

>    Something like these?

Sure.  The second one has this block:

$commandline = "echo $body | /usr/bin/gpg --homedir /home/username/.gnupg -a -r 'Full 
Username' -e -";
    if ($debug==1) {
    } else {

If you've already written the mailer, you could probably stick the above
(modified to suit) somewhere before the mail() function and leave the rest
of your script intact.

>>5) Profit!

>     Could you be *VERY* specific on how to do this?  ;^)

Sure!  Just send $29.95 (plus $11.23 s/h) for my three-step program.  ;-)

> Thanks!

No problem.  Good luck!
Kirk Strauser

"94 outdated ports on the box,
 94 outdated ports.
 Portupgrade one, an hour 'til done,
 82 outdated ports on the box."

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