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> > [...]
> > b)make world; make world; make world; make world; make world (my
> > idea here is to run make world and make on XFree86 concurrently,
> > thus stressing the system further - I'm not sure if this is a good
> > idea or not, but I'm sure someone will correct me.)
> Have make start up many compiles in parallel with the -j switch: for
> example "make -j3". My rule of thumb for a most-effective make is 3
> times the number of processor. You will probably want a higher number
> just so the strain on memory and disk is higher.

For his purpose of stress testing the memory:
make -j64 buildkernel

I use this on dual proc boxes, maybe -j32 is already more than enough
for a single cpu.

Won't work with less than 128MiByte RAM iirc, but so far I haven't seen
something different that puts that much stress on your memory.
Surviving this two or three times in a row you can label your RAM


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