Hello FreeBSD enthusiasts,

I decided to switch from Gentoo Linux to FreeBSD recently after becoming disenchanted with stability problems in it and several other Linux distributions. Unfortunately, the handbook with the 5.2 Current release seems outdated for 5.2.

I successfully installed binaries from the downloaded ISO images for 5.2 and got PPP working on DSL and Xwindows with Gnome running without much difficulty. I am now attempting to work through some post install configuration issues: setting up printing and setting up my sound card. My hardware is as follows: AMD Athlon tbird w/ 256 MB ram, 2 IBM 18 Gb Ultra Scsi Drives, Creative S/B Live! value, Nvidia GeForce 2MX video, Adaptec 29160 SCSI controller, Plextor 12/10/32S CD RW, Epson Stylus C80 printer.

I was accustomed to running Portage on Gentoo and having the apps compile and the scripts configure and install software from source and then just hitting the GUI tools in KDE to configure printers on CUPS and compiling a modular kernel with emu10K1 support. It appears to be a bit more complex on the setup for FreeBSD.

I don't mind some RTFM's, but the instructions in the handbook do seem to be more targeted to the stable branch. What do I need to do or where are the FAQ documents with more detailed instructions to get CUPS with Gimp Print or the better FreeBSD solution working and more detail on setting up sound? I'm not getting /dev/sound/mixer created and need this for Gnome audio to work.

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