On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 12:30:55AM +0100, Didier Wiroth wrote:
> Hi,
> I've compiled and installed software by my own in this directory:
> /home/me/custom/
> In this directory I have the following directories and subdirectories:
> /home/me/custom/man
> /home/me/custom/man/man1
> /home/me/custom/man/man8
> The man8 and man1 directory contains some .8 and .1 man files.
> For example /home/me/custom/man/man8/logrotate.8
> When I enter: man 8 logrotate 
> I get: No entry for logrotate in section 8 of the manual
> or 
> man logrotate: 
> No manual entry for logrotate
> What do I have to do, to be able to use/view those man files, only ME? I don't want 
> to modif manpath.config (as this is a global configuration file)?

setenv MANPATH `manpath`:/home/me/custom/man



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