On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 12:33:11PM -0300, Roberto Pereyra wrote:
> Hi all !
> How can I burn single files in a cdrom (RW-IDE) ?
> Burncd allow burn iso files only ?
> I want to burn files many times with the same cdrom (open session). 

I can't get burncd to work properly, but cdrecord will. Steps are
(all as root):

- Install sysutils/cdrtools and sysutils/mkisofs
- Get the device name:
        # cdrecord -scanbus
- First time you want to burn something:
        # mkisofs a.txt | cdrecord dev=xxx -multi -
- Next time you want to append:
        # cdrecord -msinfo
        (this will give a number like 0,19304 or something)
        # mkisofs -M xxx -C 0,19304 b.txt | cdrecord dev=xxx -multi -

If you use files with long names (more than 8.3), try the "-J -R"
flags to mkisofs

Seems like a lot of work... You could try k3b (with kde)
or bashburn http://bashburn.sf.net/ for console use


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