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> Everything runs fine for about an hour and a half then everything freezes ( 
> doesnt recognize keyboard, mouse, anything etc ) and i have to do a cold 
> reboot ( ouch! ).

Do you have X running or any additional cards/devices/drivers in use in
the machine when this occurs? Which ethernet are you using etc.

> This is in console or in X. (I experienced similiar problems trying to 
> run linux on this box, it would get kernel panics, only cold reboot would 
> release it.) I do believe this to be related to ACPI but have no proof. 

Does this still happen with ACPI disabled?

> This is a relatively new machine but i have seen other posters running 
> similiar, so it should run freebsd fine. 
> Asus Motherboard for AMD Athlon/XP/Duron Processors, Model# A7N8X Deluxe 
> Chipset: NVIDIA nForce2 SPP, nForce2 MCP-T 
> AMD Athlon XP 2200+, 266 MHz FSB, 256K Cache Processor 
> 512MB RAM (Geil). 

I have been running a ASUS A7N8X-VM (MTX version of your board) in my
home firewall for a couple of months. There are some occasional issues
with the USB causing lockups, eg. turning my USB printer off and on
again can sometimes cause a complete hang. Having ACPI enabled can also
cause interrupt related problems in some configurations.

> I am hoping someone with a similiar set-up (these are very popular modern 
> componets) can share experiances or a bios set up or kernel config, or 
> other information. I really want to run freebsd on this box. 

Apart from the issues mentioned above I have had no problems with this



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