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> On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 02:31:12PM -0800, Gabor
> Esperon wrote:
> > I need some function to add a user to the system,
> > something like the addpwent implemented in pw(8)
> user
> > and program but freebsd only have functions like:
> There aren't functions to add user accounts via a C
> api in the
> standard FreeBSD system libraries.  There are
> various applications
> that will do the job for you -- pw(8) is probably
> the best choice --
> and it shouldn't be too hard to fork(2) and
> execve(2) it
> with an appropriate set of command line arguments.

I am implementing a PAM module that authenticate and
create a user on demand according to some parameters
and PAM modules not allow file execution.

> Or if you know that you're using the local password
> file, then you can
> write code that locks master.passwd, appends a line
> with the correct
> data, unlocks it and runs pwd_mkdb(8).

Yes I'm using the local password file. Which APIs
should i use to implement pwd_mkdb(8)?

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