Configuring a zip drive.

I have a FreeBSD 4.4 box that works fine with Zip drives. I have another
4.4 that I can't get to configure the /zip drive.

I am now building the  box using 4.9 and can't get the zip drive to
work on it either.
snd module installs and works fine BTW on all three boxes.

The error messages I get are /dev/da0s4  Device not configured.
and trying to unload the kernel module to reload it gives the same

da0*  shows up under /dev  

when you cd /dev 

Is there another way to assure that the detection is being made?

I see an error under dmesg now:

vpo0  <IOMEGA drive Parallel to SCSI is detected on ppbus0>
vpo0  EPP mode
(seems OK.)

vpo0: VPO error/time out (5)

shows just before the last line of the dmesg file.

Any idea what I should be looking for? 

I am doing this vpo install  from old notes and I can't figure out
what's causing the configuration failure. 
I also tried entering  /etc/fstab parameters same as the other box that

/dev/da0s4   /zip  msdos rw,noauto  0   0

This IS the problem.

The 3 da0 entries that show up on the 4.4 box dmesg that works do not
show up on the other 2 boxes.

da0 at vpo0 bus0 target6 lun0
da0 : (iomega zip)
da0 : 96mb 

Any of you FreeBSD guys know how to cure this?
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