On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, al plant wrote:

> I have a FreeBSD 4.4 box that works fine with Zip drives. I have another
> 4.4 that I can't get to configure the /zip drive.
> I am now building the  box using 4.9 and can't get the zip drive to
> work on it either.

first, what kind of zip drive? USB? paralell port? SCSI?

> snd module installs and works fine BTW on all three boxes.

i don't know what this has to do with a zip drive.

> The error messages I get are /dev/da0s4  Device not configured.
> and trying to unload the kernel module to reload it gives the same
> message.

generally, that means you might not have the right FS or not have a disk
in it.

> da0*  shows up under /dev

unless you're using devfs, it'll always be there.

> Is there another way to assure that the detection is being made?
> I see an error under dmesg now:
> vpo0  <IOMEGA drive Parallel to SCSI is detected on ppbus0>
> vpo0  EPP mode
> (seems OK.)
> BUT:
> vpo0: VPO error/time out (5)
> shows just before the last line of the dmesg file.
> Any idea what I should be looking for?

that seems like it may be a paralell port issue. i'd suggest trying to
swap your zip drives between the working and non-working machines to make
sure the hardware isn't bad.

> I am doing this vpo install  from old notes and I can't figure out
> what's causing the configuration failure.

it could well be a hardware problem, although generally it's a driver or
kernel configuration problem.

> I also tried entering  /etc/fstab parameters same as the other box that
> works.
> /dev/da0s4   /zip  msdos rw,noauto  0   0

this won't do you much good until the hardware is working. keep it in
though, no reason to delete it just yet.

> The 3 da0 entries that show up on the 4.4 box dmesg that works do not
> show up on the other 2 boxes.
> da0 at vpo0 bus0 target6 lun0
> da0 : (iomega zip)
> da0 : 96mb

well, do you have scsi devices compiled in to the kernel? how about the
scsi kernel module? it'll be needed to handle any da device

> Any of you FreeBSD guys know how to cure this?

not really, no. i can just suggest places to start looking.

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