On Thursday 22 January 2004 09:44, Khoi - San Zulu wrote:
> Good day.
> I would like to extend to you, whomever you are, my
> heartfelt gratitude for this operating system.
> I come from a poor community in the heart of South
> Africa. I learned about computers and how they work,
> using Microsoft operating systems. I have had no
> experience with any other operating system besides
> this.
> Windows NT, 2000 and XP. I was given a copy of FreeBSD
> release 5.0 by a gentleman I happened to meet whom is
> into the Unix Operating system. He gave me 2 CD-Rom
> disks and 2 Stiffy disks. I have read your site, I
> found it most informative. I installed the FreeBSD
> Operating System onto a Pentium II computer. It worked
> first time, Great!!!!  I searched on Google for
> commands and have found some.....

> I searched your site, but my burning question is, How
> do I start the Graphical Interfaces, KDE and Gnome? I
> did a Custom Installation following the directions of
> the website. I installed all the packages and Ports. I
> want to learn everything.
You should have XFree86 and KDE or Gnome installed. When you're done with that 
it's time to configure your video card. This can be done in 2 ways : 
graphical or in text-mode by selecting your hardware from a list.
The command to start the graphical configuration utility is :
And the command to start the text-based configuration utility is :

When you're done, make sure that you have the config-file that has been 
generated in /etc/X11/XF86Config .

Now when you type "kdm" you should get a graphical login-screen where you can 
login with your username and password. After logging in KDE should apear.

> I am of the understanding that the Operating System
> loves command line. I dont feel that I am at that
> level yet to configure from the command line. An old
> adage in South AFrica goes, work from what you know,
> to what you don't know. I want to learn everything
> about the Operating System. I see its Potential is
> GREAT.... So much can be done for the people who
> cannot afford old or new computers never mind the
> licenses for the Other operating systems here like
> Novell and Microsoft.  I desperately want to learn
> about this. I have come to an internet cafe to educate
> myself further. My problem is that resources are
> limited here regarding our access to Alternative
> Operating Systems and equipment. The potential that
> the discovery of this Operating System and what it
> offers makes me salivate with happiness. I can make a
> meal of this and do so many things within the
> community along the lines of empowerment.... I have
> heard about Linux, but have read from a few sources
> that the FreeBSD Operating system is amongst the more
> secure out there as well as that FreeBSD 5.0 has the
> ability to emulate linux. So In my understanding I get
> multiple Operating Systems, with Multiple capabilities
> all roled into 1 ( well 2 disks!).
> Please help in this regard. If possible, please help
> me with the commands or where I can find them!!!  I
> would appreciate this greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all : Remember, Google is your friend :)
With Google you can find a lot of shell introduction pages (searching for 
things like "shell script commands" or "learning shell scripts" )
A good example of a page that explains some basic shell commands can be found 
here :

Good luck finding your way into FreeBSD !

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