i made my fetchmail feed it into my exim using my local mailaddress as recipient so it will go through amavis, spamassassin and finally maildrop so it is inserted into my maildir.


Matthew Seaman wrote:
On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 06:05:09PM +0200, mikko wrote:

I make a ssh connection to start imapd
on the target mail-host with fetchmail, to
get the mail, but to whom program does
fetchmail give it to? sendmail? Or does it
put it directly in the mailspool?
Some other program?

fetchmail(1) generally hands off the received mail to sendmail(8) for
local delivery.  However, you can configure it to pass the mail
directly to procmail(1) or some other local delivery agent if you know
that all the incoming mail is addressed to just one account.  Since
you don't want to use procmail(8), probably that would have to be the
default delivery agent: mail.local(8)

Since you're using spamd, you need some way of feeding the mail to it
for scanning.  That's generally done via procmail rules, but you can
use a sendmail milter instead -- see the mail/spamass-milter port for



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