I installed the courier mail server using portupgrade in this freebsd 5.1 box. pkg_info reports it as

courier-ldap-mysql-pgsql-0.44.0 Courier SMTP IMAP POP3 HTTP mail server suite

so, I then decided to confiigure it so I can actually use it. From the documentation, most of the files I need to access are in /usr/lib/courier. But, when I look for the "courier" directory, I find it in many places but the one that is mentioned above:

daffy# find / -name courier -print

Now, that makes me feel a bit concerned. I have no problem with it sitting on /usr/local, but since the docs mention a lot the lib directory, and I cannot find it, I get concerned. Further down in the documentation, there is a mention of the file /usr/lib/courier/bin/sendmail. Looking for sendmail, I found it everywhere but inside a courier directory:

daffy# find / -name sendmail -print

Am I missing something here? Because, it does feel like courier's sendmail may have been installed wherever it felt doing so. Or nowhere at all. =(
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