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> Please see this page:
> http://lantech.geekvenue.net/chucktips/jason/chuck/1044789670/index_html

[snip rant]

> DISCLAIMER: I don't know if you folks are like the Linux community, but
> don't tell me to "find the bug and fix it yourself", or to "quit whining".
> It's perfectly reasonable for a user of a piece of software to expect it to
> work right.  I'm not a developer, and shouldn't have to be.  That's why
> *other* people are developers, so that I don't have to be.

I don't think a "you folks" attitude will get you anywhere and if you're not a 
developer you probably should consider changing your emailaddress as it 
doesn't really fit your attitude (or in fact - maybe it does).
What would be useful is to post the BIOS vendor you're using, motherboard make 
and harddisk, along with the reported values by the BIOS and fdisk.
Preferably use the form located at after having read the bug-writing 

That makes sure it's entered into the bug tracking system.

Also know that:
120GB on a harddisk cover means 120 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 bytes, which equals 
111.75 GB in the rest of computerland.


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