On Jan 22, 2004, at 6:04 PM, Keith Kelly wrote:
The motherboard is not old. It is an MSI KT4 Ultra motherboard, if I
remember the model number correctly off the top of my head, for the Athlon
XP architecture. The BIOS doesn't even explicitly list what mode (LBA, CHS,
extended CHS) it is using to address the drive -- I just set it to "Auto",
it detects the device name, and fills out a small listing telling me the
C/H/S geometry it is using. The motherboard is already running the latest
available BIOS update from MSI.

OK, but if the auto mode uses the wrong C/H/S translation, this default may be the source of your problem. What happens when you switch from using "auto" to explicitly using "LBA"?

[ ... ]
I definitely do not have hardware issues, because Linux, Windows XP, Windows
2000, BeOS, and SkyOS have all worked fine at various points, and Windows XP
continues to work fine :-)

Your error message reflects a BIOS-level failure to find a bootable partition.

Do you already have a bootable partition on the system, and are trying to install FreeBSD in a second partition? If so, which partition is marked active?


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