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> On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 07:06:17PM -0500, parv wrote:
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> : >
> : > I haven't used my infamous Toshiba Satellite with FreeBSD 4.8 very
> : > much since I got my desktop system with a flatscreen.  I'm trying
> : > to think of something interesting to do with it now.
> : > 
> : > Any ideas on something interesting to use it for?  Maybe some kind
> : > of learning experience?
> : 
> : Try to run (Free|Net)BSD-current?  Or even, Sun Solaris 2.9?
> Solaris?  That might be interesting.  You can order Solaris for x86 on CD
> free from Sun, correct?

I know one could order Solaris CD but do not know if it the CD would
be sent (almost) free of cost.

Does Sun not provide a free downloadable OS image/binary?

> Does it work pretty well with laptop hardware?

To tell you the truth, i listed the operating systems that i would
like to try out myself, but for (disk) space, thus financial
reasons, cannot.  I was hoping perhaps you could try them out, and
would let me/us know how other OS's behave...

  - Parv


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