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> Micheal Patterson wrote:
> > Fetchmail can't retrieve mail from an smtp server that I am
> >
> >currently aware of as it's designed to speak pop protocol and then
> >it locally to an awaiting smtp server for local delivery.
> >
> >
> Fetchmail can use various protocols, including etrn, which is used to
> flush queues on smtp servers. This is a common protocol: Microsoft
> Exchange 2000 and 2003 ship without a pop3 client and use etrn
> exclusively (unless you install some 3rd party client).
> So you can use sendmail to collect mail using etrn, and most ISPs offer
> etrn, but this isn't what the OP was asking about.
> PWR.

The only current reference that I had when I made that post was for version
5.7.2 which states in it's man page:

  "In ETRN  and  ODMR  modes,  fetchmail  does  not  actually
       retrieve messages; instead, it asks the server's SMTP lis-
       tener to start a queue  flush  to  the  client  via  SMTP.
       Therefore it sends only undelivered messages."

I've not used fetchmail for quite some time simply because I've no need to
do so. If that's not the current version, then that may have changed
considerably. But, as you stated, the OP was asking about smtp-auth via


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