I'm looking for software to monitor the temperature (and various
voltages) on a Tyan Thunder K7X Pro (S2469) motherboard (dual Athlon,
MPX chipset).  It has two sensors (Winbond W83627HF and W83782D) that
split monitoring duties.  This confuses many programs such as healthd
and lmmon, which give nonsense values even when switching between SMB
and ISA I/O ports.  Mbmon gives values, but those that one gets depend
on the options and history of commands.  It isn't at all clear which of
these, if any, are correct, and even if they are, to what they refer. 
Tyan has a Linux monitoring program, which I've not looked at in detail
(has anyone?).

Has anyone succeeded in installing and using a temperature monitoring
program for this motherboard?  I'm currenlty on FreeBSD 5.2-RC2.  Any
wisdom would be most appreciated!

Frank Jahnke

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