I read the handbook sendmail section and it's meaningless. 
Really need something more informative.  

I see in the syslog.conf file an facility of mail.* writing 
to /var/log/maillog. Ever time mail is sent and when the 
system is booted this log gets posted with event records.
So I know this is sendmails log. 

Is there some way to tell sendmail to use local5 as 
it's facility and not mail? 
I also see /var/log/sendmail.st but this log file is not 
in syslog.conf. What is this file? 

I use /etc/rc.conf hostname='gateway.fbsdjoned.com' and 
sendmail is using [EMAIL PROTECTED]  

How do I tell sendmail to use just @fbsdjones.com?

How do I tell sendmail to not do reverse IP lookup?

Is the /var/log/maillog scanned by the daily cron management 
report jobs?


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