Jenny Ravu wrote:

I would like to know how I can print on one of my server with Freebsd, We use this server for our internet access, this is connected to a ROUTER
that has a link to our ISP. And all the users fo via this server to access the internet,

It's difficult to know what you are asking. Do you want to use your FreeBSD server as a print server for all your users, or do you want to be able to print from the FreeBSD server, or as your subject line suggests do you want to be able to print a list of the websites your users have accessed?

As I don't have the manual, please help

You do, in fact. There's a built-in manual system. To read the manual for a FreeBSD command or daemon, type "man command-or-daemon-name". So to start reading about one of the printing systems available to you, type "man lpd".


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