(I'm new to freebsd and apache)

With mod_bandwidth you can limit bandwidth per client ip or make adjustments
depending on the size of the file etc.. But as far I've read so far you
can't limit an overall bandwidth with it.

In Microsoft IIS you have an option "Limit the total network bandwidth
available for all Web sites on this server" the webserver can use on the

My goal: when the server is saturated because of http bandwidth, I want a
reasonable amount of free banwidth for the following protocols:
1) ssh 
2) ftp
I want to be able to logon via ssh and upload or download ftp files at any
given time without being handicaped by http bandwidth. I simply want a
predefined available free bandwidth.

How do you handle this throttle limits on Freebsd?
Are you using ipfw dummynet? (may be you have link with sample rules, I've
already read man 8 ipfw)
Perhaps other possibilities?

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