In the last episode (Jan 23), Geert Hendrickx said:
> Hello, 
> I'm used to having framebuffers in Linux, and I would like to have that in 
> FreeBSD too.  
> I have already reconfigured and recompiled my kernel with "options VESA" 
> enabled.  Then I added this 2 lines to /etc/rc.conf: 
>       font8x8="/usr/share/syscons/fonts/iso-8x8.fnt"
>       allscreen_flags="132x43"
> and rebooted, but it still doesn't work.  

Try VESA_132x43.  I'm not sure why all the modes aren't just WxH.  Your
card also needs to be able to support that vesa mode; you can run
"vidcontrol -i mode | grep T" to list the text modes your card can do.

        Dan Nelson
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