At 12:07 PM 1.23.2004 -0600, Michael Whitley wrote:
>I have read through the archives and seen that newer versions of
Spamassassin have fits with freebsd because of an outdated perl version. I
noticed that there is a SpamAssassin 2.6 port out for freeBSD 4.9 but was
wondering if anyone has had success with installing it on a 4.8 system?

Yes, I'm running FBSD-4.8p14 & I've recently updated SA-2.6x all the way to
the current SA-2.63.

Indeed, I had a 2-day fight with a break in a perl function that I finally
found that dealt with one of the learning DBs (Bayes). Specifically, the
locks on the DB became flaky. That suddenly occurred in 2.61_1. Thinking
more updates would cure it, no dice.

The log jam was causing a 30x jump (less than 1 sec to 30+) in the time to
process a message, and breaking the scans letting spam in.

After cleaning out the DB, all settled down again and messages are
processed in less than a sec again -- only an occasional spam slips in --
but Bayes DB needs to rebuild to be useful again too.

I've been told by one of the developers that SA-3.0 will require perl5.6.1.

BTW, this is the very first time I've experience any sort of (noticeable)
problem with SA and I've been using the program since SA-2.43. A great
filtering tool in spite of the recent problem which wasn't fatal.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

Sage American
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