I am installing amanda on a new client and I have noticed that amadmin is not in the man pages (and it should according to the amanda man page). This is true both with the package and the port.

For the package, it appears that the tarball just includes man pages for 'amanda' 'amrecover' and 'amrestore'.

With the port, the 'make' (or 'make install') builds the man pages (in work/amanda-2.4.4/man) but eventually they are not /usr/local/man/. By the way, doing 'man -k amanda' gives no answer, even after 'makewhatis'.

My system : 5.1-RELEASE
package used : amanda-client-2.4.4,1

I have looked for a parameter to use with make install (--enable-something) but found nothing about the man pages.

Do Amanda users have the same problem ?

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