In the last episode (Jan 23), Geert Hendrickx said:
> > Try VESA_132x43.  I'm not sure why all the modes aren't just WxH. 
> > Your card also needs to be able to support that vesa mode; you can
> > run "vidcontrol -i mode | grep T" to list the text modes your card
> > can do.
> I suppose my video card supports it, since it always worked under
> Linux (Gentoo).  However, `vidcontrol -i mode|grep T` only returns
> some 80x25 through 80x60 fonts, no VESA.  :-(

Linux actually goes into a graphics mode and blits the characters onto
the screen, which is slow but works with any card that has a graphics
mode.  FreeBSD stays in text mode, which gets you a much faster console
but requires video card support.  "Cordula's Web" mentioned that you
need kernel support for this; make sure you have "options VESA" in your
kernel config file, or have loaded the vesa kernel module.

        Dan Nelson
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