I've been running 5.1-RELEASE for quite some time on my dual PIII 333Mhz
Micron PC with 384MB of RAM and 670MB of swap.  Its a little low on memory
for what I'm now doing with it though, so I added 256MB of RAM.  The new
RAM gets recognized, and there are no obvious errors on the console or in
the logs, but every little thing drives the CPU utilization through the
roof and the system is unusable.  Even just typing "man ls" triggers it,
never mind trying to run ssh.  I remove the RAM, and it goes back to

I'm using a kernel with these relevent settings:

cpu             I686_CPU
options         SCHED_ULE
options         COMPAT_43
options         COMPAT_FREEBSD4
options         SMP
options         APIC_IO
options         LAZY_SWITCH

There are other settings, but these are the only ones that might be
related, I'm guessing.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this?  I've searched google as well as
the mailing list archives and can't really find anything similar.  Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Richard G. Roberto
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