On Friday 23 January 2004 05:22 pm, Jason Williams wrote:
> Evening everyone...
> Im just getting started with apache and mod_ssl. I was reading through the
> docs on the mod_ssl web site and it recommended downloading the source code
> for apache, mod_ssl and openssl.
> My question is that I already have openssl installed on my test server. It
> is currently being used for my IMAP server and was installed as a
> dependency.
> Now, reading the docs and the install (for mod_ssl), it actually wants you
> to point to the directory where you unzipped the source code for openssl.
> Since I already have openssl installed, is it possible to point it to the
> location on my computer? Or would I have to download the source code to a
> temp location and point to that location when installing mod_ssl?


I installed apache13+mod_ssl and everything's been working fine.  I'll let you 
know if I have any problems.

Eric F Crist
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