It's also about quality of the underlying work. On average, Linux base code runs 10% faster under FreeBSD.

Linux works toward patches for what everyone wants because it competes for the Windows market share. FreeBSD works toward solutions because it competes with no one.

Jonathan T. Sage wrote:
Chris wrote:

On Friday 23 January 2004 10:40 pm, Jeff Elkins wrote:

This is not a troll.

I've installed FreeBSD 5.2 on a spare SCSI drive and am compiling kernels,
updating ports, etc,etc. Thus far, other than some minor hassles, it's
equivilent to my Debian sid.

I have to ask: Why FreeBSD rather than Linux?

Honest question.



Show us your feet! If they are Hobbit-like, it's a Troll *Laffs*


Honestly though Jeff - You sound like an experienced user, at the risk of starting the war again, It really boils down to a lot of personal preference. We use freebsd because we like freebsd, we like the communitiy, etc, etc, etc. My choice boils down to 2 things.

/usr/ports/.../... # make install


/usr/src # make world(ish)

From the server standpoint, if you know what your doing, given enough time, you can do pretty much anything you could want to with either.


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