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> Good morning, FreeBSD enthusiasts,
> Would you wish to recommend a disk sector editor program?  I am looking for
> something that provides functionality similar to Microsoft DskProbe, but
> not requiring a graphics user interface, and most importantly, does not
> require any operating system support beyond that which can be loaded from a
> floppy diskette.  It would be used on a computer with contemporary Intel
> architecture.  I am interested in accessing things such as the boot record,
> partition table, FAT, directories, i-nodes, and other similar parts of the
> hard drive.  The type of display that a tool such as PCTools, or XTGold has
> would be great; however each of these accesses files, not sectors, and
> neither work with contemporary gigabyte drives.  Surprisingly, I was unable
> to identify any such program at the GNU site.  Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.  Yours truly, Lee Shackelford   L e e underscore S h a c k e l
> f o r d dot d o t dot c a dot g o v

SleuthKit (sysutils/sleuthkit) *reads*

>& bsdi (BSDi FFS)
>& fat (auto-detect FAT)
>& fat12 (FAT12)
>& fat16 (FAT16)
>& fat32 (FAT32)
>& freebsd (FreeBSD FFS)
>& linux-ext2 (Linux EXT2FS)
>& linux-ext3 (Linux EXT3FS)
>& netbsd (NetBSD FFS)
>& ntfs (NTFS)
>& openbsd (OpenBSD FFS)
>& solaris (Solaris FFS)

I'm not sure how much *editing* you may do with it (I guess none, but at
least you can figure out the physical location of the data you need

When I built it statically (not via the port), it took more than 1
diskette (~3M), but I didn't try crunching the binaries together. I
guess you might end up using 2 diskettes: 1 for booting, the other for


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