On Friday 23 January 2004 10:40 pm, Jeff Elkins wrote:
> This is not a troll.
> I've installed FreeBSD 5.2 on a spare SCSI drive and am compiling kernels,
> updating ports, etc,etc. Thus far, other than some minor hassles, it's
> equivilent to my Debian sid.
> I have to ask: Why FreeBSD rather than Linux?
> Honest question.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

That's a question to which  each individual will have a valid, different 

I think there are "styles" of operating system organization that are 
compatible with different user mentalities.  I could never get an intuitive 
feel for running/configuring RedHat; and yet there are so many users that 
swear by it.  I could use YAST; but hated the fact that it would overwrite my 
manual configuration changes.  I was comfortable with Slackware; but manually 
searching for dependencies for apps not included in the distro sucked.  Being 
comfortable with Slackware, testing FreeBSD was the logical next step.  Based 
upon my own use of the computer (multitasking while performing clinical data 
analysis using PostgreSQL), I found that FreeBSD was more robust.  
Specifically, apps would become visibly sluggish in Linux while FreeBSD 
remained very responsive.

...and then there's the license issue -- let's agree to disagree; and let it 
stop there.

Your issues and answers will be much different than mine; but just as valid.  
"YMMV" has never been more true.  Choice is as important as a practical issue 
as it is as a principle.

Best regards,

Andrew Gould

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