Long agao, and far away I set up mrtg to monitor various aspects of a
nrtwork. Twoard the end of this excersise, I remeber being frustrated by
some limitations of mrtg. I looked around, ad decided that if I ever needed
to do this job again, I'd use cricket.

Well, the time has come to setup this on my home network. 

So, is cricket still a good/the best choice? I want to be able to monitor
at least the following:

1. Network interface trafic on all interfaces.
2. free disk space on all disk partitons
3. CPU loading on all machines

I have installed the cricket port, and the ucd-snmp port. I've followed teh
"begineers" directions, configuring the local FreeBSD machine as a
"router", thinking I could at leas get the network interface statstics
goign with that, but no luck. I do get replies from the machien, and I cna
run an snmpdwalk on it. But it appears that I'm bot getting interface
trafic data.

Can anyoen help me out?

"They that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."
                                                -- Benjamin Franklin
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