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Subject: Problem With Configuring Name Servers

> I am fairly new to BSD. I seem to be having a problem setting up my name
servers correctly.
> I have the following in the resolv.conf file:
> domain rcn.com
> nameserver
> nameserver
> The following entry is in the re.conf file
> ifconfig_rl0="DHCP"
> Everything, including nslookup, etc works fine until I reboot. Then the
files are over written. The resolv.conf file then has the following entries:
> search cable.rcn.com
> nameserver
> Obviously, I am doing something incorrectly here. Why are these files
being rewritten upon rebooting of the machine, and how do I stop it. I have
a cable connection that uses "DHCP" . I have the latest release of FreeBSD
5.2 installed.
> Thanks in advance.
> Gerard Seibert

In /etc there will be a file called dhclient.conf. If it doesn't exist,
create it and add the following:

interface "rl0" {
prepend domain-name-servers;
prepend domain-name-servers;
request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, routers, domain-name-servers ;
require subnet-mask, broadcast-address, routers ;

What this will do is take the information that is provided during the dhcp
initialization and add the above to the information it recieves from the
server. If you don't want to use any of the name servers provided by dhcpd,
remote the domain-name-servers portion from the request entry. If you need
any further specifics, check out man dhclient.conf for other options to add
to this file.  I think that this will do what you're looking for though.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
TSG Incorporated

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